New program in Montana raises awareness of local sex offenders


New program in Montana raises awareness of local sex offenders

BUTTE, Mont. - A new tool to help communities track registered sex offenders has launched in Montana.

"Any information that we can give our citizens in our community is a help," said Butte Silver Bow Police Sergeant Jim Kilmer.

Kilmer also spearheads the local Crimestoppers program and he knows what Alert-ID can do.

"If people have smartphones and download this app and have access to this information then that's a great thing," Kilmer added.

Alert-ID is a website and mobile app that uses the state sex offender data base to warn users when a sex offender registers in the area.

Gina Evans, who runs Butte's Safe Routes to Schools program, told NBC Montana that alerts to cell phones can make it safer for kids to walk to class.

"Before they send their kid out the door it doesn't even have to be a walk to school day, just make sure that they're in a good neighborhood," said Evans.

NBC Montana talked with a local mother and asked if she would consider using this service.

"It's good to at least be aware of where you're at anywhere and if it's that fast on your iPhone why not have it," said Brittany Popovich.

Undersheriff George Skuletich told NBC Montana the app can be a good tool for families focused on safety.

"I think people should take their safety and their children's safety seriously," Skuletich said. "If they want to check on to see who is in their neighborhood and stuff, not to harass the offenders, but just to make sure they're safe and know who's living around them," added Skuletich.

Alert- ID representatives say the program and app are free to the public and always will be.

For more information visit the Alert-id website at this link:

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