New Missoula youth guidance home to open next year


MISSOULA, Mont. - Some teens in Missoula foster care will have a new home by next year.

The Tom Roy Youth Guidance Home off South Reserve Street will be demolished in the next few weeks to make room for a brand new facility.

The home will house 16 and 17-year-olds in foster care and help prepare them with education and work experience as the reach adulthood.

"It's the message that kids get, you know if you move kids in with holes in the walls they'll be more holes," said Missoula Youth Homes' Geoffrey Birnbaum. "If you move in to a quality home they're going to respect it and themselves more."

The teens are temporarily living in a home next door to the where the new house will go up. The one million dollar project should be done by May.

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