New downtown restaurant will have Charlie Chaplin theme


New downtown Missoula restaurant will have Charlie Chaplin theme 1-23-12

MISSOULA, Mont. - Downtown Missoula is getting a new restaurant.

It's filling a vacant spot at the corner of Main and Ryman.

It will feature mostly traditional American food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a motif reminiscent of Hollywood's silent era film.

Hammers are pounding  at the Old Thai Spicy Restaurant downtown.

In a couple months it will be home to "The Walking Moustache."

Contractor Brook Weidman said it's a fun project.

"It's going to be a warm family place," said Weidman," with  a theme of Charlie Chaplin ."

That's right.

The Little Tramp, with his trademark moustache, bowler and cane.

Owner Mike Ghoula has always loved Chaplin.

He plans to have pictures, a cutout of the famous comedian in the restaurant, plus a trademark 1920's era bicycle, and has plans to feature the great clowns silent movies on a loop.

 Ghoula has been in the restaurant business for 51 years.

"I started at age 14 running a roadside stand," said Ghoula.

He's from Buffalo, New York.

So he will serve bison, elk, porterhouse beef steaks, specialty sandwiches, diet places, breakfast omelettes, and homemade soups.

He will have a cabaret license for beer and wine.

He expects to  hire up to 35 people.

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