MontPIRG tracks down lost voters for Missoula's municipal election


MISSOULA, Mont. - A University of Montana consumer information group is trying to track down lost voters who may be eligible to cast ballots in Missoula's municipal election.

Of 48,000 ballots sent out, 7,000 came back to Missoula's elections because voters moved from that address.

Montana Public Interest Research Group, or MontPIRG, is calling those voters by phone.

Elections sent postcards to last-known residences so they can be forwarded. But time is ticking. The last group of cards went out Tuesday.

The undeliverable ballots were delayed because the postage fund grew short after tax bills went out last week.

Missoula mails its ballots 15 days before a mail-in election.

"In the future, I would recommend that we at least mail 20 to 21 days before the election," said County Treasurer Vickie Zeier.

MontPIRG's Sean McQuillan said, "MontPIRG is working for the next five days to turn out the vote."

If you are an eligible voter in the city and haven't received a ballot, you can log onto, then click on "ballot information." Next click on "track your ballot," and enter your name and date of birth. It will tell you if a ballot has been issued and its status.

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