Montanans for Climate Solutions rallies held across state


MISSOULA, Mont. - Montanans calling for decreased carbon emissions and other environmental changes gathered at rallies in thirteen cities around Montana on Saturday, to call on public officials and businesses to respond to what they call the "climate crisis."

Missoula's "Montanans for Climate Solutions" rally was held downtown, and speakers included Nobel Laureate and University of Montana Regents Professor Dr. Steve Running, and Montana State Senator David Wanzenried.

"It's really cool to see all these people show up. It demonstrates that the Missoula community is really involved in things like this. They really care about the environment. I think that's really cool," said Missoula rally attendee Keith Leathers.

In response to the environmental group rallies around Montana on Saturday, a group called Count on Coal released a statement through spokesperson Chuck Denowh. Here is an excerpt:

"The groups behind these rallies have a 'keep it in the ground' agenda for our natural resources.  The consequences of that agenda would be very destructive to our state by killing jobs, artificially driving up the price we pay for energy, and taking a huge slice out of our tax base."

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