Montana secession petition close to 13,000 signatures


MISSOULA, Mont. - Hundreds of thousands of people in more than 30 states followed President Obama's victory at the polls by signing online petitions to secede from the United States.

One of the states with the most signatures is Montana.

The White House website shows Scott E. from Columbia Falls started Montana's petition, and almost 13,000 people have followed suit, though many of them aren't from Montana.

"As a state, I think we're at odds with the federal government on several points that I think that if we stood on our own two feet so to speak, we would probably be just fine," said Donna Eno of Ravalli County. "One person suggested that we would have free trade agreements within the states, and I think that's a viable solution."

Eno said she signed Montana's petition. She admits that many of the other states with similar petitions wouldn't be able to survive without the federal government, but she thinks Montana has enough resources to support itself, and says that the state would thrive on its own.

"It makes sense for us to stand on our own and not have the federal government and bureaucrats in Washington D.C. trying to dictate to us on how we're going to live. I can give many examples, our forest service policy, our fish and wildlife policy with the wolves," said Eno.

If Montana's petition reaches 25,000 signatures by December 10th, the White House says it will review the petition and issue a formal response.

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