Montana rises for victims of violence


Montana rises for victims of violence

MISSOULA, Mont. - The steps are simple; the problem complex; stopping violence against women.  People of all walks of life are breaking out into the same dance across the world to stand up to violence at noon on Valentines Day.  Cities in Western Montana like Bozeman and Missoula are taking part.  

Missoula dance teacher, Tarn Ream tells NBC Montana, "Everybody can do it and join together and have fun.  So, to me, it's a really positive way to approach a very serious subject, It's also a way to reclaim your body and it's not just on an individual level, it's on a community level as well as a global level...  That all of us will be doing this amazing choreography on the same day, which is so cool. "

This is a public movement to support victims, but there are many private avenues for victims as well, including the Student Assault Resource Center, where victims and others can discretely and safely reach out for help.  Julie Peterman says, "Anyone who is going through a hard time right now can call us, even just to talk through something hard they are going through.  If anyone needs further help, past what we can do, we have a lot of connections and resources in our community."

The resource center is available for anyone.  They do not have to be students, and they do not have to be female.  

Peterman adds, "I think it's one in three college women who will be victims of violence."  I would absolutely say it's a very needed service.  It is definitely a problem."

So, to show solidarity, everybody is asked to come out and move to the music, because you never know, you could be the one billionth person rising against violence.  

Gatherings are scheduled for 12:00 Thursday, February 14th at the University of Montana Oval, 6:00 pm that night at Caras Park with an address by Mayor John Engen and Friday, February 15th at the Dennison Theater after the Vagina Monologues which start at 7:00 pm.

More information on the global movement is available at, or you could send a message to, or

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