Montana lawmakers weigh in on Syria situation

Montana lawmakers weigh in on Syria situation (9-10-13)

MISSOULA, Mont. - Montana lawmakers are weighing in on the developing situation in Syria, though only Congressman Steve Daines has declared how he would vote on a resolution to take military action in Syria.

In an email to NBC Montana, Daines said: "I will not be voting in support of authorizing U.S. military involvement in Syria. Montanans have sent a strong message that U.S. military action in Syria is not the solution, and as Montana's Congressman, I am committed to ensuring Montanans' voices are heard.  I have spent the past few weeks meeting with and hearing from Montanans and learning more about the situation at hand through briefings from key military and administration leaders. There's a great amount of uncertainty about the best way to resolve the conflict in Syria, but today, one thing is apparent: the objective isn't clear and the outcome remains uncertain."

Senator Max Baucus' team, meanwhile, said in an email to NBC Montana: "Max is carefully reviewing all intelligence as the situation develops and will talk to Montanans before making any final decisions."

Senator Tester's team sent NBC Montana an email stating: "The Senator is hopeful that the new momentum will lead to an internationally-led solution to the crisis in Syria.  Senator Tester wants to avoid a new conflict while preventing additional use of chemical weapons."


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