Montana GOP releases video on Curtis

MISSOULA, Mont. - Just one day has passed since she was picked to take on Steve Daines for the United States Senate, but already Republicans are taking shots at new Democratic candidate Amanda Curtis.

Party delegates from across the state gathered in Helena on Saturday and voted her in.

Curtis is a 34-year-old math teacher from Butte and a state legislator.

She said during an address to the delegates that the election will come down to the economy, describing it as "the millionaires versus the middle class," but already, she has an opponent of her own.

The Montana Republican Party released a video yesterday, shortly after her nomination.

It's a compilation of clips they pulled from a series of videos she posted on Youtube during last year's legislative session in Helena.

In the video, she hits on a wide range of topics, from gun control, to religion, to Medicaid.

We asked Curtis about the video on one of her first campaign stops through Missoula on Saturday.

She said she wasn't surprised the GOP was already firing, and that she stands by the videos she posted, in they're entirety.

"Of course that's the first thing that they're going to do," said Curtis. "Montanans are hungry for any politician - left, right, or middle, who will stand up on any issue. The great thing about those videos is folks can go and see exactly what context I said any statement that they're curious about."

We also talked to Will Deschamps, the Montana Republican Party Chair. He says Curtis' words speak for themselves.

"I think the people need to be informed as to who the candidate really is," said Deschamps. "Representative Curtis had some problems from our side of the aisle, and we're just trying to point them out. All you have to do is listen to her words."

You can watch the video posted by Montana Republican Party by clicking here.

For a link to the full, uncut videos posted by Curtis, click here.

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