Montana Food Bank Network rolls out new food pantry truck


MISSOULA, Mont. - On Friday, the Montana Food Bank Network announced its new mobile food pantry truck.

It will allow the food bank to provide emergency food assistance and services to hungry children, families and seniors in rural areas of Montana. They will be able to reach 28 counties.

The food will be distributed in a farmer's market style or as a pre-packed food box.

One 50 pound food box carries canned goods, pastas, and fresh fruits.

"We're hoping to get at least four or five mobile food pantry distributions done every month and those will serve I would guess, probably around 100 to 150 people per month, is what our estimate is at this point," said CEO of the Montana Food Bank Network Gayle Gifford.

Northwest Farmer Credit Services and CoBank donated $90,000 to the Montana Food Bank Network to get the truck. The Montana Food Bank Network distributed almost 8 million pounds of food across the state of Montana last year. This truck will help them to do even more.

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