Montana Conweb system updated, now mobile

Montana "Conweb" system updated, now mobile

MISSOULA, Mont. - The Montana Department of Corrections has announced an update to its "Conweb" site, which features a database of Montana felons and their Montana criminal history.

The site allows victims of crime to find updated status and physical characteristics of offenders. In the old version, the site's information had to be updated manually, but now it's automatic and in real time.

Law enforcement officers sometimes use the site when their other resources aren't returning info on a perpetrator, and they encourage the public to stay informed.

"We believed an informed public is a safer public," said Brad Giffin, Missoula County Sheriff's Office Captain of Professional Standards.

Information about convictions is removed after three years if an offender is not a sexual or violent offender, though the information remains available for criminal background checks and targeted inquiries. The information on Conweb is now also accessible as a mobile website, for smartphones.

Available information includes height, weight, and location of tattoos, and which correctional facility an inmate is currently housed at.

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