Montana celebrity soars into Hollywood


Montana celebrity soars into Hollywood

MISSOULA, Mont. - Evel Knievel, Dana Carvey, JK Simmons, Gary Cooper... Everybody knows Montana is breeding ground for big stars.

Did I say big?

Paparazzi, pull out your wide lens.

Cabby is the new sensation, a character in Disney's animation: Planes, Fire and Rescue.

"The studio reached out to us to ask if we would be able to do some recording both inside and outside the aircraft,"  Neptune Aviation's Dan Snyder told NBC Montana.

No one better than Neptune Aviation's Tanker 45 could bring Cabby to life.

"The reason that this plane was chosen is because it has a very similar engine to one of the characters in the Disney movie.  The character that we are using the engine sounds for is Cabby, a radial powered, older model piston engine airplane," Snyder added.

His private trailer is bigger than any other celebrity's, at Neptune Aviation headquarters at the Missoula Airport.

If any more Hollywood studios want to sign Tanker 45, they'll have to wait.

"Tanker 45 is in Southern California right now, fighting wildfires. It can move at a moment's notice, being that it is a US Forest Service tanker.   It is a national resource.  We go where there are wildfires are and we fight them," says Snyder.

So, even though Tanker 45 is bigger than any Hollywood celebrity, to children across the nation, he will forever be known as Cabby.

Planes, Fire and Rescue opens in theaters on Friday.

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