Missoula's local bomb squad discusses preparedness


MISSOULA, Mont. - With the discussion of bombs capturing national headlines, NBC Montana met up with local members of a bomb squad to go over the team's preparedness to handle bomb situations right here in western Montana. 

The Missoula City-County Explosive Team includes members from the Missoula Police Department, the Missoula Sheriff's Department, and Lewis and Clark County.

Team members tell NBC Montana that the crew deploys robots in roughly 90 percent of incidents, and they can get on scene within an hour of an incident unfolding.

The team's nine members were specially trained in Huntsville, Alabama, where they learned about explosive mechanics and hazardous materials.

"We are prepared, because our people are trained up correctly, we have the right kind of gear, and we keep the gear online so there's no delay in our response," said Commander Dave Ball. 

The team emphasizes that residents are their eyes and ears, and anyone who sees anything suspicious should contact law enforcement. 

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