Missoula student pitches Montana approach to national issue


MISSOULA, Mont. - A Missoula High School student is weighing in on the national gun discussion.

Madison Thomas is a junior at Sentinel High School and she'll pitch her plan to other students in the U.S. She's been selected to participate in a PBS mediated discussion.

She came up with her plan about a month after the Newtown, CT school shooting. Thomas' idea is to make sure teachers have a form of defense, and her plan is uniquely Montanan.

"We can use bear spray," Thomas said at a practice run Friday. "Now I think we can use bear spray in a different way, rather than just giving the teachers, here you go, put it in your desk, you're fine," she said.

"I think we can give it to them in a box, like a fire extinguisher box and when they open it an alarm would sound throughout the school and to the police station. So then the police are notified right away."

Thomas said the case would also spray whoever opened it with some sort of ink, that way it's easy to identify who trigged the alarm. She thinks bear spray would be effective because it can be used from great distance and would impair a possible gunman's sense of sight.

Next week Thomas will record her discussion for the show. No official air date has been set yet.

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