Missoula schools to ask for new technology money


MISSOULA, Mont. - NBC Montana has learned more about new technology funding Missoula schools plan to ask voters to approve in May.

Administrators will ask for a $350,000 increase in an existing high school technology levy that comes up for renewal in May.  They will ask for an additional $550,000 for elementary schools.

Officials say it will cost the owner of a $200,000 house approximately $14.31 each year.

Administrators say the money will be spent to purchase and replace computers and other electronic devices, software licenses and fees and professional development in technology.

Mark Thane, the Executive Regional Director for MCPS, said, "Over the last 10 years we've acquired a lot of computers and electronic devices that are not currently built into our replacement cycle, so it's necessary to increase the technology levy so that we have the capacity to replace those devices, which certainly enhance our student's instructional program."

The announcement comes as the teachers union and other union district workers consider a possible no confidence vote in six school board members.

Those trustees voted to give Superintendent Alex Apostle a 13-percent raise, and a 3-year deal worth $200,000 at its end.



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