Missoula running community keeps close watch on Boston news


MISSOULA, Mont. - When NBC Montana first heard about the bombing incident at the Boston Marathon, some of the team headed to the Runner's Edge store in downtown Missoula. There, the co-owner Tim Brooker had his eyes glued to the TV news and on a computer, knowing that several Missoula-area runners had run in the race.

Earlier in the afternoon, Brooker hadn't yet heard if the runners were safe, and thoughts were racing through his head.

"The safety of everybody, of course, is number one. Number two is why and how it happened with all the security in place. It's such a great event and why would somebody do this? We ask that question a lot lately, I guess," said Brooker.

Brooker says the Missoula running community is a tight-knit one, and that most of the local runners know each other. Many of the local runners who ran the marathon are customers at his store. 

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