Missoula runner competes for a cause


Missoula runner competes for a cause (6-12-13)

MISSOULA, Mont. - A weekly running class does wonders for marathon runners like Sherri Kenyon. It keeps her motivated, and accountable. After all, a training regimen of 50 miles a week isn't easy.

"It takes some motivation," said Kenyon.

It's not hard to be motivated for her though, because she's lucky to have something to train for. She almost didn't make it into the Missoula Marathon, because spots filled quickly. However, she was able to wedge herself into the race by running as a fundraiser. She's running for Missoula Youth Homes, which help at-risk kids.

She has to raise $500 by the day of the marathon, but she hopes to raise even more. It's extra motivation for her as she eyes the finish line.

"The experience is, you just meet a lot of great people and a lot of camaraderie. It's a great physical challenge…and it's a great experience…It just makes you feel good," said Kenyon.

This will be Kenyon's seventh Missoula Marathon.

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