Missoula Osprey ready for season opener

Missoula Osprey ready for season opener (6-15-14)

MISSOULA, Mont. - The Missoula Osprey are just 24 hours away from their season opener at Helena.  After a disappointing 2013 campaign this year's team is ready to get to work and start playing some ball.

"Going in to another season is the greatest feeling ever," said Osprey infielder Jacob Mayers.  "We've been prepping for it, we've been prepping for it for the last three months.  Just to get that ball rolling on that first day, it's really exhilarating so can't wait to get out there."

The 2014 Osprey baseball team arrived in Missoula this weekend.  The current roster has several returning players from last years squad along with many new faces.  For the players who are new to the osprey organization there's still plenty to learn.

"I'm excited you know, pumped," said Osprey infielder Tyler Humphreys.  "Don't really know what to expect yet, I mean a lot of games in a short amount of time."

"Kind of just get the feel of things from the beginning trying to catch up to speed how the game is," said O's outfielder Matt Railey.  "I came straight out of high school so it's definitely going to be way faster than that, so just getting used to that and just going on from there."

And as for the guy's who played for the Osprey last year, the transition to this season is much easier.

"Last year being drafted it was a little exciting," said Mayers.  "I'm still excited but a little more comfortable and like I say, can't wait to get the season started."

"Missoula was my first actual minor league experience," said O's outfielder Justin Williams.  "Kind of got my feet wet with that and just kind of got me in the mindframe of how to become a professional."

The Osprey wont have their home opener until Thursday night, but the team is already looking forward to playing in front of the home crowd.

"I hear this place gets filled every home game so I'm ready to see what that's like," said Railey.  "I've never played in front of this many fans before so I'm ready to see what that's like."

"This is one of the best crowds to play in front of," said Mayers.  "Missoula is a great place to play, our crowd, the audience are phenomenal fans so how can I not wait it's awesome.  I can't wait for that first day."

The first pitch in Monday's contest between the Osprey and Brewers is set for 7:05 in Helena.

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