Missoula nonprofit leader retires


MISSOULA, Mont. - A woman who inspired a movement in the Missoula community is retiring. Monday evening we caught up with Jean Bowman, the Founder of Legacy Montana.  She says she's proud of the program she started over 13 years ago.

Legacy Montana promotes charitable giving through a will or from an estate – meaning folks can leave money or donations to nonprofits in their wills.

Bowman tells us Legacy Montana now has 56 local nonprofits involved in the program and a few more in the works.     

Bowman's retirement party was held Monday evening, and we asked her to find out where the organization will go from here.

"We're not sure yet how that's going to happen and I, of course, am certainly willing to help out until someone else takes over," said Bowman.  "It is so successful I can't believe that someone won't take it over. It would be a travesty if that didn't happen."

Bowman tells NBC Montana she's proud of all the local nonprofit groups that are involved in Legacy Montana and she hopes to find a replacement for her position soon.

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