Missoula mother tries to contact son, family in typhoon-ravaged Philippines


Missoula mother is trying to contact her son in typhoon ravaged Philippines

MISSOULA, Mont. - A U. S Navy veteran is one of tens of thousands who are impacted by Typhoon Haiyan.

A mother in Missoula is looking for her 48-year-old son and his family, who live in the Philippines.

Judy Johnson has been calling emergency phone numbers. But she has had little luck finding out anything about her son and his family.

There's her son Craig, his wife Lucy, their 2-year-old daughter Little Luce, and Craig's 28-year-old son Tom.

"I just know they are about 75 miles from Manila," said Judy.

The family doesn't live in a town, said the Missoula woman. She thinks they live near her daughter-in-law Lucy's family, although she is unclear where that is.

Judy last heard from her son on Mothers' Day.

"I've been in constant prayer," said Johnson.

She is haunted by a short video clip she saw on the news. It looked like her son, she said, with his family in the water with life jackets on, and the wind tearing them away from each other. She thinks it was her son trying to gather his family together.

"His head was like on a swivel," said Judy, "not knowing who to grab first."

She pores through family photographs of her son, daughter-in-law and her grandchildren.

She picks up a vase. "Tom gave me this," said Judy. Tom is her grandson. She points to a toddler wearing a tutu. That's my granddaughter, said Judy, "Little Luce."

She leafs through older photos, of her son Craig. Craig as a young football player in Laurel and as a little kid at Cold Springs Elementary. Craig Johnson is a Missoula kid.

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