Missoula map company celebrates new building, expansion


MISSOULA, Mont. - A growing Missoula map company for hunters is celebrating its new building with a public reception Thursday evening.

The tent is up at onX Maps on Brooks Street for the party.

The company's GPS land ownership maps are now in 22 states, with expectations they will be in 46 states by the end of next year.

onX maps does research and development, production, and wholesale and retail sales of these high tech maps.

Hunters can figure out exactly where public and private land is while they are in the field.

The event is raising money for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

The company was founded by a young Miles City mule deer and antelope hunter.

"I figured I could create the product, found a really good way to bundle all that information into a chip," said founder and president, Eric Siegfried, "that was easy to use and now that product is available for your Garmin GPS and your smart phones."

"We went from two employees in 2010," said company vice president, Rob Hart. "We're now at 25 employees."

The company has mainly catered to hunters to this point. But it plans on branching out to market its product for anglers, hikers, mountain bikers and other recreationists.

The reception continues at 1925 Brooks Street, from 5 until 8 Tuesday evening.

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