Missoula man gets life sentence for violent murder


Missoula man gets life sentence for violent murder

MISSOULA, Mont. - A Sanders County judge sentenced a Missoula man to life in the Montana State Prison for murdering a Dixon man.

Nathan Lee William Calvert, 32, went into Douglas Morigeau's home in Dixon last December and stabbed him 54 times. Calvert also stabbed Morigeau's wife Cheryl, slitting her throat. 

"My voice is pretty weak, it severed the nerve to my left vocal cord," Cheryl told the court Tuesday.

Calvert's attorney said Calvert suffers from several mental disorders and was experiencing a 'psychotic episode' the night of the crime, wasn't taking his medication for mental illness and was also on taking drugs.  But Doctor William Stratford, a psychiatrist said that's not an excuse.

"I think he should get a lifetime sentence I don't think he should ever walk the streets."

Several of Morigeau's family members including his wife and son testified at the hearing, all asking Judge Kim Christopher to sentence Calvert to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

After a two hour hearing Christopher handed down the life in prison sentence. Calvert will be eligible for parole in 60 years.

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