Missoula man faces felony charges after airsoft gun incident


MISSOULA, Mont. - A Missoula man faces three felony charges after an alleged incident with an airsoft gun.

Officers say 18-year-old Skylore Layneblack Hallock told them he was 'just having fun' when he pointed an airsoft gun out of a car window last Friday. 

Court documents say three people called 911, concerned after they saw Hallock point the gun at a daycare and motorists in the Brooks Street area.

Officers arrested Hallock at Southgate Mall, and say he told them he pulled the trigger at least ten times.

Cops searched the car Hallock had been riding in and found the airsoft gun, a CO2 powered pellet gun and and unused CO2 cartridge.

Missoula County Justice Court Judge Karen Orzech set bail at $50,000.

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