Missoula man comes home to intruder under bed


MISSOULA Mont. - According to Missoula city police, a home invader was hiding under a mans bed. His television and laptops were missing.

It happened at an apartment complex on Stephens Ave. W. near Playfair Park. The call came in around 4pm Friday.

Responding officers say they found the man outside the building waiting for them.

He told the police he was in the man's apartment because he wanted to be arrested.

"He was unclear about why," responding officer, Sergeant James Caton said. "He kept mumbling something about his friend wanting to commit suicide."

When asked about the stolen items, the man said he knew nothing about them.

Police asked neighbors if they saw the man walking out of the apartment with the TV, but nobody had.

"[The officer] walked over to the individual suspect's apartment [next door] where she wanted to kinda look in to see if any of those items were stolen," Sergeant Caton said, "at which point the individual tried to slam the door in her face."

He was arrested for obstructing an officer of the peace and criminal trespassing on property.

No one was injured during the incident. Police are still trying to figure out what happened to the TV, and if the home invasion is connected.

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