Missoula Made Fair attracts hundreds of local shoppers


MISSOULA, Mont. - The bitter cold didn't slow down holiday shoppers supporting Missoula's artists Sunday at the 5th annual Missoula Made Fair.

Over 120 artists set up booths and sold their locally made products.  There was everything from hand crafted jewelry, to antler art and even Montana made soaps.

Local vendor John Bohman says he's set up a booth every year since the fair started and he's excited about how popular the event has become.

"Regardless of what you're buying here you're keeping the money local and it's staying here in Missoula," said Bohman.  "So why don't we just pass our money back and forth to each other as opposed to sending it away to some big box store?"

Bohman says events like this are a great way for local artists to showcase their work and he's glad to see so many folks come out and shop locally. 

If you missed today's Missoula Made Fair, don't worry it will be back again next June.  Click here for more information.   

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