Missoula honors volunteer conservationist


MISSOULA, Mont. - Bert Lindler is earning another accolade for difficult conservation work he offers for free, year after year.

Last year, Field and Stream Magazine named Lindler one of its 'Heroes of Conservattion.'

Tonight, the City of Missoula named Lindler this year's 'Outstanding Neighborhood Volunteer.'

Wildlife advocates say his efforts to restore native grasses and rebuild fences to accommodate elk migration have encouraged elk to remain higher in the hills, instead of being forced down to crowded neighborhoods.  

Lindler told NBC Montana tonight that the willingness of others in Missoula to help improve the lifestyle and environment here inspire him to keep volunteering.  "There there are so many people pulling in the same direction. One person can make a difference.  If it's just the work of one person, very little gets accomplished," Lindler explained.

Linler focuses on nearly 500 elk that winter from Rattlesnake Creek all the way west to Evaro Hill.

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