Missoula hockey team celebrates championship


MISSOULA, Mont. - Wednesday evening in Missoula some local youth hockey players got the chance to celebrate their championship win in a very fun way.

Members of the Lady Bruins hockey team gathered at the Glacier Ice Rink where they boarded a Missoula Rural fire engine and got to take a celebratory ride around Missoula.

The girls made their way over the Higgins Avenue Bridge and around the XXXXs.  Their cheers and chants could be heard from blocks away.

NBC Montana talked to some of the Lady Bruins who tell us they're proud it's their second championship win in a row.

"Last year was pretty crazy being the first time girls state champs and this year it's like ‘yeah we can hold onto that title,'" said Sidonie Cenis. 

"Now any new younger girls that are moving up they're going to be able to say 'hey this is awesome, we've got to work hard but we can do it.'" said Cenis. 

"We are all best friends, and we play together like best friends on the ice and we work well and everyone comes to practice and we work hard and we have fun," said Julia Michels. 

"We pretty much had the same team as last year and we only lost two seniors so it was kind of the same team again," said Lexi Gagliardi. "I think that really helped us win."

The hockey players ended their tour at Sentinel High School where they were welcomed by a banquet and an awards ceremony.

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