Missoula Goodwill making historic move


MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula's Goodwill Store is making an historic move.

The store is moving this week from its old location on Brooks to its brand new site on Reserve. The new location is the old Armory building.

There are countless items to move.

The new Goodwill will have a drive-through donation area with an awning, triple the parking and a bunch more amenities.

"We've added 11,000 square feet," said Goodwill's community relations spokeswoman, Chelle Feist. "So that's a huge change. We are going to sell some new merchandise with our used merchandise. We'll have an attendant for our dressing rooms and then of course, the drive-through donation drop-off."

Friday is the last day of business at Goodwill's old location on Brooks.

After that it will close for four days until its grand opening at the new site on August 1.

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