Missoula emergency crews on alert for expected Sunday storm


MISSOULA, Mont. - This is a big travel weekend, with basketball tournaments scheduled around the state, and the expected storm on Sunday and Monday could create headaches for first responders. NBC Montana stopped by a Missoula City Fire Department station to see how crews are prepared.

The recent snow has already prompted the team to chain up the tires on their rigs.

"We are ready to respond to winter weather, no matter what the conditions are. There are always going to be medical [calls] and fires and we're all chained up and ready to go…Being from Western Montana we know that the weather can change every fifteen minutes so we're just prepared for any type of situation," said Casey Scott, a firefighter with the Missoula City Fire Department.

The team is also reminding folks to do what they can to stay safe out on the roads if they have to drive. That includes making sure to have a full tank of gas, as well as bringing extra food, blankets and winter clothes. Drivers are also advised to keep a full charge in their cell phones. Of course, driving slowly and cautiously is recommended when the roads are slick.

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