Missoula digs out after days of snow



MISSOULA, Mont. - It's been three days since the blizzard in Missoula, and people are still digging out. The Missoula Street Division is working around the clock with good results; most roads are plowed to some extent. However, many are very narrow in spots, with only one useable lane between berms of deep snow. Those berms are the reason the streets were plowed so narrow. If they were plowed to the full width of the road, those berms would be unmanageable. There's already enough snow for people to shovel as many in cars in curbside parking are entombed. Many cars were abandoned during the storm, and several still sit where they stopped in the middle of streets. One car on Spruce Street was abandoned facing the completely opposite direction of the traffic lane. Despite the cities' efforts; snow berms downtown are taller than most people. City communications director Ginny Merriam says that crews hope to start removing the downtown berms on Monday night; weather permitting. The street division is also bracing for possible urban flooding later this week. Plans for sandbag crews are coming into place as the forecast calls for temperatures in the 40s.

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