Missoula County website server pronounced dead


MISSOULA COUNTY - What began as an effort to shore up the performance of the County's aging web server on Monday ended in a death rattle mid-morning today. County technology staff worked hours to isolate and correct the problem, but the server was just struggling too much. Staff is already migrating the County's website to a new server and our technology director expects the website to be up and running by Monday at the latest.

"We are in the beginning stages of soliciting a vendor to design and launch a new website for the County. Unfortunately, our server decided to give up the ghost before we were far enough down that path," said Chief Administrative Officer Dale Bickell. "We understand this is an inconvenience to the public and we look forward to launching a new site with improved online services this year."

In the meantime, the public can contact the County's switchboard at 721-5700. Switchboard staff will happily connect callers to the appropriate department.

Citizens have come to rely on the County website to access information related to property taxes, elections, property information, permits and more. County staff is happy to assist the public with those services over the phone and in person.

This release was sent out by the Missoula County Communications Director.

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