Missoula County Sheriffs Office disposes of dynamite


MISSOULA, Mont. - Saturday started with a bang for many Missoula residents.

At 9:50 this morning, the Missoula County Sheriff's Office EOD team detonated improperly discarded dynamite found at the Missoula landfill.

The EOD team is occasionally called on to collect and dispose of explosives, including old and unstable dynamite that people find in old barns or garages.  In most cases, the team transports the explosives to a county facility for detonation, but this morning they decided it was safer to destroy the dynamite where it was found at the landfill.

MSCO dispatch says they received many calls from concerned residents about the explosion.]

"Well, we were sleeping this morning and it woke us up," Missoula resident Chelsea Blom says, "We had no idea what it was. It coulda been a tree crashing into the building, it coulda been a car crashing into the building. We just had no idea at all."

One business experienced the blast from miles away.

"We were just outside loading tires up and it just came as a big concussion wave," says Garret Seesing, Tire Rama employee. "And there was a kind of a whistle or something with it too. We were all taken back by it's echo."

MSCO asks that anyone who locates explosives to call the dispatch line for assistance.

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