Missoula company develops new detergent formula


Missoula company developes new detergent formula 03-28-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula based high-tech startup Rivertop Renewables says it has developed a new technology that'll give you cleaner, spot-free dishes and create new jobs.

"We'll produce sugar acids that will be used as builders in the automatic dish detergents, to try to get rid of the spots in your dishwashers," said CEO Mike Knauf.

Knauf says the chemical process is environmentally friendly and efficient.

"We have a very elegant technology that allows us to compete on costs, and we also are able to produce chemicals that are high performance. That combination is what's going to lead us to success."

Knuaf says Rivertop is already pitching its product to home cleaning manufacturers.

"Our intention is to raise the funds that allow us to build out a pilot plant here in our facility, here in Missoula, and then to basically double our workforce over roughly a year's time," said Knauf.

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