Missoula Community Theatre presents ‘Footloose'


Missoula Community Theatre presents ‘Footloose'

MISSOULA, Mont. - NBC Montana's very own Mark Heyka has been busy rehearsing for Missoula Community Theatre's latest production – Footloose.

The musical includes classic songs like ‘Let's Hear It for the Boy,' ‘Holding Out for a Hero' and, of course, the title song - ‘Footloose.'

Wednesday evening NBC Montana caught up with the play's lead actor and actress at rehearsal.

Kyler Zundel, who plays Ren McCormack, tells us singing is usually his focus, so adding the dancing and drama has been a lot of fun.

"What's the most rewarding about this is – honestly, this is what I want to do," said Zundel.  "The fact that I'm just able to do this is the most rewarding part about it."

We also chatted with Quinn Vaira, who plays the preacher's daughter, Ariel Moore.  She tells us this is her first lead for MCT and she's excited for opening night.

"It's so much fun because it's a big community feel and community theatre always feels good.  Just these last few days of putting everything together is definitely the most rewarding," said Vaira.  "To see the whole show put together – the lights, the set, the costumes and all of the dancing and singing, it's awesome!"

Footloose opens Friday and runs for the next three weekends. To check out show times and find out where you can purchase tickets, click here.

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