Missoula Co. commissioners approve 70-lot subdivision near Wye


Missoula commissioners approve 70 lot subdivision near Wye with conditions

MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula County commissioners have approved a 70-lot subdivision off Interstate 90 near the Wye. Gallatin Estates would be built on 33 acres.

Commissioners had approved a similar proposal on the same property in 2008, but the owners didn't proceed.

Dean and Steve Crofts are father and son. Their first subdivision was waylaid after Steve's brother was killed. Crofts said he and his dad want to finish the subdivision the three were working on.

Commissioners said they want the developers to meet at least one condition, to shorten the length of a city block in the subdivision for safety reasons.

Nobody from the public spoke for or against it.

Larry Johnson lives adjacent to the proposed subdivision. He has subdivided some of his own land in the area and has no real objection to more neighbors.

"People have to live somewhere," said Johnson, "I kind of like solitude, but I've got 20 acres here to isolate me."

Pao Moua is a neighbor. He likes open space. He moved here because town got too crowded. But he's not opposed to Gallatin Estates.

"For me it's PL," said Moua, "I don't have the right to say yes or no but if they come too close I might move."

The Crofts said they've been working on the project for a dozen years.

The recession hit development hard the past few years. But the Crofts said the housing market seems to be coming back and they are hoping there will be calls for their family houses.

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