Missoula City Council passes $118 million budget


MISSOULA, Mont. - A new $118 million Missoula city budget will bring several, new specialized employees on board, and provide raises for existing workers. But it will also hike taxes about 3.5 percent.

The council approved the budget Monday evening.

Numbers are in the same ballpark as last year.

It's a different budget from a few years ago when the city laid off 20-some people. The city said there will be no layoffs this year.

Look for raises of 2 and 3 percent and higher for some workers.

There will be two civilian community resource workers to help with nuisance calls. And there's a new position called the healthy relationship coordinator to deal with sexual assaults.

"They will probably be working even in the schools," said city finance director Brentt  Ramharter, "trying to raise awareness and actually achieve some positive results for the community."

Homeowners and businesses that have complained about what they call 'excessive sidewalk repair assessments' will get a break.

The budget allows for a tax increase to spread some of those costs around.

Property owners who have had to repair a sidewalk that the public walks on have been assessed up to $15,000. Now they can't be charged more than $3,500.

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