Missoula celebrates Silver Park ribbon cutting


Missoula celebrates Silver Park

MISSOULA, Mont. - Developers celebrated Silver Park Friday. The 14.5 acre park sits just west of the Orange Street Bridge between Wyoming Street and the Milwaukee Trail.

What used to sit on the spot was the Champion-Intermountain mill.

"It was a pretty wild place down here. They had the coal-fired steam plants running, saws going day and night. You had trucks coming in here, trains coming in from two different directions," said Missoula Redevelopment Agency (MRA) Assistant Director Chris Behan.

The mill shut down in the 1990s and left behind a mess.

"In spite of all those challenges, in 1991 it was recognized that this place had a huge potential," said MRA board member Karl Englund.

While the area has been completely transformed, some pieces from the old industrial buildings are still around.

"All the timbers in this building are recycled, reused, even better than recycled, from buildings that were on the site," Behan explained.

In addition to the lumber, they were able to reuse concrete, and soils.

Other plans for the Old Sawmill site included condos and retail space across from the park.

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