Missoula Catholic Schools hold annual ‘cow-pie bingo' fundraiser


MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula Catholic Schools are raising money using a cow, a football field and some spray paint.

It's called 'Cow-Pie Bingo' and Sunday afternoon in Missoula dozens of folks came out to take a chance at winning the fundraiser's $10,000 grand prize.

Every spring for the last 9 years a cow named Blessame is released onto Rollins Field, where hopeful raffle ticket holders, cross their fingers that she leaves a cow patty in their grid square.

The winner gets $10,000 and the rest of the proceeds go right to the Missoula Catholic Schools.

NBC Montana headed to the fundraising event Sunday afternoon and caught up with one family who's been attending for the last four years - they tell us wind, rain or shine they are there. 

"If the cow poops on your square you win a lot of money and me and my mom would like to spend it to go on vacation," cheered Hailey Camp.

Camp's mother Mary Curry tells us she's proud of the community for coming together and supporting such a unique fundraiser.

"We have the most awesome Catholic school community and everyone comes out, not just the Catholic school but so much of the extended community as well," said Curry. "I'm so proud of this family we've built in Missoula.

Liz Manley the fundraising coordinator for Loyola Sacred Heart tells us she's been a part of ‘Cow-Pie Bingo' since its first year and she says it's one of her favorite fundraisers to work on. 

"One year it took 8 hours for her (Blessame) to "bless us" with a cow pie so I think the excitement of not knowing when it's going to happen is the most exciting part," said Manley.

At roughly 4:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon Blessame left a cow pie in the grid square of Patrick Haggarty – who is also the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the state, so he'll be taking home that $10,000 check.

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