Missoula campers learn about dog safety in summer heat


MISSOULA, Mont. - Some Missoula campers learned Wednesday how quickly a vehicle can heat up and why dogs aren't equipped to handle the heat like humans can.

The class, hosted by the Humane Society of Western Montana, featured an experiment that took the temperature every ten minutes from inside a vehicle left in the sun.

When it's 80 degrees outside, the inside of a car can hit 120 degrees in 30 minutes, even if the windows are cracked.

Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans and less sweat glands, and aren't equipped to handle temperatures above 105 degrees for very long.

Instructors say people don't realize that even just a few minutes inside a hot car can be enough to cause permanent damage or kill a dog.

"I've been at fault before, and i just didn't realize it," said instructor Tyler Hamilton. "We all can learn from this. I was telling the kids, now that they know, it's our responsibility to spread the word."

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