Missoula burglary suspect faces charges


MISSOULA, Mont. - A Missoula man was charged Monday for allegedly entering a home and stealing a number of items while the homeowners were asleep.

Court documents say Shaun Felgenhauer admitted to police officers that he entered a Missoula home Sunday and stole cell phones, a computer, jewelry and personal items including a purse and wallet.

According to the documents one of the home's residents noticed a flashlight turned on in the home and car keys missing.  That's when he noticed his roommate's vehicle lights turned on and the fan running.

The residents reported the missing items and police arrested Felgenhauer, who was found walking down the road. 

Court documents reveal Felgenhauer already had a warrant out for his arrest.  His bail is set at $25,000 and he is expected to make another court appearance later this month.

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