Missoula bomb squad removes suspected explosive material from apartment


MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula's city county bomb squad removed suspected explosive material and other suspicious chemicals from an apartment off West Broadway.

The apartment building is located at 2506 Industry Street, which was closed off most of the day.

This all began early Monday morning, when police say the building's landlord called to report suspicious chemicals inside of an apartment.

She told police she thought the materials might be used to make meth.

When authorities arrived though, they found what is believed to be homemade explosives inside of that apartment.

Missoula police say a 26-year-old Missoula man was  questioned in Kalispell about this unfolding situation, and was transported by authorities back to Missoula.

Missoula police, Missoula County Sheriff's Deputies,Missoula Firefighters and the ATF were on scene most of the day, trying to determine how to remove the explosives.

Emergency crews evacuated as many as 11 apartments and three mobile homes.

As a safety precaution, teams sent robots into the apartment before entering themselves.

Robots can take pictures, and gather other information for police.

"Some of the chemicals when combined together," said Missoula police patrol captain, Chris Odlin,"could form explosives and then there are some items that we can't completely identify right now."

Investigators are still trying to determine whether a crime was committed.

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