Missoula bicyclists hit with paintballs, suspects sought


MISSOULA, Mont. - Two Missoula bicyclists were hit with paintballs, one of them is left with a black eye.

Emily Plant and her husband Andrew were riding in the Rattlesnake area near Lincolnwood early Sunday, when someone riding in a car traveling on the opposite side fired a paintball gun out the window.

Three shots of pink paint were fired. Two of them hit Emily, one just above her brow. The other struck her husband in the arm. He was wearing a jacket and wasn't injured. But Emily was concerned about her own injuries.

"I tried to figure out what was wrong, what the extent of my injuries were," Plant said Tuesday. "I luckily realized that it didn't hit my eye, but it came extremely close, if it had not hit my brow bone, if it had gotten any lower it would have hit my eye and could have caused serious damage."

Emily was left with a black eye, and no answers.

The only description Missoula Police Detective Travis Welsh has is a dark colored passenger car with a hatchback.

Anyone with information about the incident, or anyone in the area who may have been a victim should call Welsh at 552-6290. Anonymous tips can be called in to Crimestoppers at 721-4444.

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