Missoula bars host "End of the World" parties on Mayan doomsday


Missoula bars host "End of the World" parties on Mayan doomsday 12-19-12

MISSOULA, Mont. - The world will end on Friday - at least that's according to the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

The ancient Mayan civilization made the ominous prediction about December 2012 thousands of years ago, and it's something Missourians are well aware of now, whether they believe it, or not.

"I don't believe in all those following the meteorites and all that different stuff," said Missoula resident Dennis Curtis. "The Bible says it's not going to end and it's not going to end."

Resident Jazmine Raymond was less sceptical

"I'm always worried," said Raymond. "Maybe a bunch of nuclear bombs will go off and then we'll all be dead."

It sounds grim, but Raymond says she has a solution.

"If it's the end of the world you might as well have lots and lots of fun while you still can."

That's exactly what some Missoula bars are doing. Will Deschamps, with Zoo Town Riot LLC productions, is planning one called "Rapture" at Monks bar in Missoula, but he said it's more than just a party.

"It's a production that tells a story of a young child being presented with a choice to either represent mankind, or to go up and leave it behind, because the term ‘rapture' means to being ‘caught up'."

He said 450 people have already RSVP'd for Rapture.

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