Mediator will facilitate Glen Eagle subdivision lawsuit


MISSOULA, Mont. - A mediator could help resolve a dispute between Missoula County and landowners in a stalled subdivision north of Missoula.

Developers first proposed Glen Eagle in Grant Creek back in the 1980s. But bankruptcy and other litigation stalled the 94-lot subdivision for years.

Sufficient infrastructure has never been installed.

It has affected more than a dozen landowners.

One of them sued the county for several million dollars, claiming the county didn't live up to certain obligations.

Next week the mediator will try to facilitate a settlement.

"I'm hopeful that we can try to put a package together," said Missoula County's chief administrative officer Dale Bickell, "and get some infrastructure and allow these property owners to develop, and/or sell their property."

Missoula County officials met Monday to discuss litigation strategy.

As allowed by law that meeting was closed to the public.

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