Marathon Minute: 7 weeks until race day


Marathon Minute: 7 weeks until race day 5-24-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - The starting gun for the Missoula Marathon is less than two months away. For this week's installment of our marathon minute, we asked Patt Cross, assistant coach for Run Wild Missoula's marathon training class, where runners should be at this point in their training.

"You should be fairly well along," says Cross. "You should have all your base miles in. When you're starting to do the longer runs - whether you're doing the full or half or 5k. We've got a 20, a 22, and a 24-mile run left, and everything else is shorter stuff. Depending on what group you're in, you should be around 15 or 16 miles, if you're really going to be pushing your pace on race day.

"We're hitting crunch time. It's the time of year when runners really need to start paying attention, because with the bigger miles, it's a time when they can get injured, so they really need to be listening to their body, but this is also time when you put the wood in the shed, and have it ready for race day."

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