Man gets 7 years, 5 suspended in store clerk assault, robbery case


MISSOULA, Mont. - A judge handed down a suspended sentence for a Missoula man connected to the assault and robbery of a store clerk.

Ikaika Kamaka showed up in front of Missoula County District Court Judge John Larson Thursday.

In January he went in to scout Jay's Mart. After he left court documents say three other men including Kamaka's brother, Devon went in with baseball bats, beat the clerk and took off with cash.

Judge Larson sentenced Kamaka to seven years with the Department of Corrections with five suspended. During those two years Kamaka will be part of a strict probation program. He'll have to report his daily schedule to probation officers and be required to wear a GPS monitor.

Judge Larson warned Kamaka not to slip up.

"I don't have any indication from what you've been doing since you've been out of jail that that will be a problem," Larson said. "But there's always a temptation to say ‘well jeez it's all done with now I can go back and see some of the old guys', don't try it."

Kamaka is the third man to be sentenced in the case. His brother Devon Kamaka is scheduled to go to trial next month. Andrew badger is expected to change his plea next month.


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