Man arrested in connection with robbery speaks out


Man arrested in connection with robbery speaks out 1-11-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - Timothy Parks was arrested in connection with the armed robbery of Jay's Mart and brutal attack on clerk Patrick Bendig.  Parks came to NBC Montana in the hopes of telling his side of the story and clearing his name.

Parks is named in  the charging documents alleging Andrew Badger, Cruz Bernardi, Devon Kamaka, and Ikaika Kamaka  robbed Jay's Mart on January 8, but not as an accomplice . Parks says he got in a fight with his wife and was staying with friends.

"I guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. allegedly some of my friends that i was staying with had robbed a gas station that was next door, but i was asleep in the bedroom while that whole situation had happened,"says Parks

Police found  Parks' Jeep at the apartment where the some of the alleged assailants lived.

Parks says, "They got arrested and [the police] brought me in as well...I didn't know what was going on until that time, so that's when i found out about everything."

Court documents indicate Parks' jeep was used by the suspects after the robbery and Parks rode along when they disposed to the stolen cash register. But despite the evidence, Parks says it's all hard to stomach.

"I've seen the video, and that's why its hard for me to believe that the people I live with are a part in this," says Parks

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