Man accused of bear spraying woman faces judge


MISSOULA, Mont. - In October we told you about a Missoula woman who claimed a man sprayed her and her dog with bear spray when they were walking in the Pattee Creek Recreation Area.

Monday, 66-year-old Ronald Pagel of Missoula faced a judge on a charge of misdemeanor assault for allegedly spraying Missoula resident Shena Roath in the face with bear spray. 

According to court records Pagel has a phobia of dogs and always carries bear spray to protect himself.

Court documents say after Pagel sprayed Roath's dog for coming too close, Roath demanded to know his name. 

Pagel then allegedly tried to spray the dog a second time, but instead he sprayed the woman in the face.

The judge told Pagel he is not allowed to possess pepper spray. Pagel is expected back in court in January.

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