Man accused of animal cruelty reaches agreement with Ravalli Co.


HAMILTON, Mont. - A man accused of animal cruelty in Hamilton has reached a deferred prosecution agreement with Ravalli County. Under the agreement, Chancy Ralls won't be prosecuted, but he's prohibited from possessing animals, except for two dogs.

Cattle, sheep, donkeys, yaks, and poultry were seized in a raid on Ralls' farm in March. There were complaints they weren't being properly fed or cared for.

All animals currently owned by Ralls must be sold immediately. He must pay restitution to people who house the animal since they were confiscated.

Ralls, who is in his 70s, and is reportedly in poor health, may allow others to us his land to pasture animals, as long as he has no responsibility in their care.

He must provide documentation that he has met the requirements of the agreement.

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