Lolo mother hikes ‘M' every week through pregnancy


Lolo mother hikes ‘M' every week throughout pregnancy

MISSOULA, Mont. - NBC Montana couldn't resist telling you one mother's inspiring story about her determination to hike to the 'M' in Missoula every week during her pregnancy.

Lolo mother Codi Filcher and her husband Ben sat with us in their home Monday and Codi explained she had a slow recovery after giving birth to her first child, so she decided to get active during her second pregnancy.

Filcher took pictures and monitored her progress and last Friday, merely 6 hours after finishing her weekly hike, she gave birth to son Daxton.

Now filcher says she wants to spread the word that staying active during your pregnancy can make a world of difference.

"I decided as soon as I got pregnant that I would do it and the benefit is you're going to have an easier labor and an easier recovery," she says.  "That's why I wanted to do it and ever since the day I had him (Daxton) I wanted to get out of the hospital and out of the bed and be really active."

Filcher tells NBC Montana she wanted a health goal and thought hiking would be a fun option because she was pregnant throughout the summer.  

"I was 19 weeks when I hiked the ‘M' the first day and then I decided I wanted to do it every week," she tells us.  "I wanted to do my weekly pictures of my belly up there to do something different and I thought it would be cool to have the university and Missoula in the background."

She says when she was pregnant with her 3-year-old daughter she didn't work out; this time around she knew she wanted to be active throughout her pregnancy.  

"I was really scared to work out during my first pregnancy just because it took us forever to get pregnant but being active and trying to get pregnant we got pregnant right away," she says.  "Being active was a benefit so I think if people are trying to get pregnant exercise can help."  

Filcher says if you're pregnant and hesitant about working-out she suggests starting off slowly with a daily walk and then seeing how you feel from there.

"Overall it helped me have a better and more positive pregnancy," she says.  "I never felt completely worn out it actually gave me way more energy every day to go work out."

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